Gain certainty about the condition of your piping system, whether you are about to put it into operation or if, after years of service, you are unsure of its level of deterioration. Our solution: We apply science and our knowledge of products and materials to deliver a detailed report on the condition of your pipes, valves, fittings and welds, as well as how the performance is expected to be in the future. 

Increase safety

Get in-depth, detailed and contrasted data on the state of the piping system to have practical knowledge of the quality of the application.

Optimal maintenance and repair planning

Avoid unnecessary facility replacements, or downtime and start-up delays due to poorly executed welds.

Achieve a longer service life than planned

Extend the operating time of the installation without assuming risks when the results of our tests indicate that it is possible.

Reliable statements and test results:

Tests are performed by experts on-site or in our laboratories, ensuring the highest quality in data collection and processing as well as the elaboration of conclusions.

Pipe Condition Assessment

Our rigorous analysis consists of several tests developed explicitly for plastic pipes and fittings in operation. It is carried out by material experts in state-of-the-art laboratories in Switzerland and results in a condition assessment report that estimates the remaining lifetime of the piping system. This report can be crucial for the carefree operation of plastic piping systems, as it helps to optimize your planning of maintenance and repair work, avoid failures, and minimizes revenue losses.

Ultrasonic NDT

Using ultrasonic technology, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality control for our butt fusion welds in ecoFIT, PROGEF and electrofusion for ELGEF. Our NDT solution is a fast and flexible solution to test the quality of the installation on-site. Our experts can evaluate the condition of up to 30 welds per day with a single scanner. When the results confirm that the pipes are appropriately joined, their performance is assured for the entire service life of the installation.

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