Founded in 1997, GF FGS is the largest manufacturer in Brazil of 20 mm HDPE pipes and fittings up to 1600 mm.

About GF FGS

GF FGS Brazil is a leading manufacturer of large diameter polyethylene (PE) pipes and segmented connections for the sanitation, gas, mining and general construction markets in Brazil as well as supplying gas meters, PE connections and transitions for these markets. GF FGS has a sales office in São Paulo and two production plants, one in Cajamar, and the other in the metropolitan region of Recife. 

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GF expands its presence in South America

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GF Piping Systems and FGS are strongly committed to growing our portfolio of products and services to our customers making us the preferred piping system supplier to the entire market. We are also committed to driving demand for the wider application of plastics in piping systems, in particular Polyethylene. By providing customized solutions for all customers, you will directly benefit from the synergy between GF Piping Systems and FGS.


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Production Plants

GF FGS São Paulo

Rua Doutor Geraldo Campos Moreira 240

04571-020 São Paulo