Georg Fischer Fittings manufactures some 12,200 to fittings per year for demanding customers to ensure that the connection is right. Initially specializing in malleable cast iron fittings (since 1864), the company’s portfolio has expanded to include compression joints of the Primofit, GEBEF (for the construction industry) and Drawlock (for gas customers in the United Kingdom) brands since 1987. The company, which has been part of Georg Fischer since 1986, focuses on robust quality and simple assembly.

Simple installation and assembly

Primofit compression joints are simply tightened with a wrench, while malleable cast iron fittings are precision-engineered to ensure a tight fit.

Safe and resistant

Manufactured from high-quality, easily galvanizable cast metal, the material guarantees a long service life and reliable function of the fittings.

When quality is required

Whether material or construction: The production facility in Austria meets the highest demands and supports customers all over the world with technical support.

150 years of expertise in fittings

Thanks to their 150 years of experience, Georg Fischer Fittings is able to design and manufacture with the user in mind.


Through the eyes of our customers, our products are important plant components, monitoring or controlling process units or installations for safe supply systems. For us, they are part of our history. Place your trust in our experience and our passion. More than 60 000 products represent over 200 years of research, development, trendsetting ideas and a dedicated team. Benefit from innovational strength, product diversity and expertise. Get to know the advantages of our application-oriented complete system, which consists of pipes, fittings, valves and the corresponding automation and jointing technology.

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House entry fittings

Industrial Parts

Customized Parts made of white heart malleable cast iron

History of malleable cast iron fittings

GF History
  • History of malleable cast iron fittings and the pioneer Georg Fischer II
  • Timeline of the Plant at Traisen, Austria

Georg Fischer II was born in Hainfeld, Austria as son of Georg Fischer I and Seraphine Reiter

1841 to 1850

Georg Fischer II attends school in Schaffhausen and during his time with his grandfather, Johann Conrad Fischer, he learns the basics of the manufacture of steel castings and cast steel, forging and processing to filings

1851 to 1856

he attends the Polytechnic Institute in Vienna and spends some years as an apprentice with his father Georg Fischer I in Hainfeld, Austria

The today's „Technical University, Vienna“ was founded 1815 as k. k. polytechnisches Institut by Kaiser Franz I. of Austria, to educate engineers for military, mining and civil engineering.


the grandfather Johann Conrad Fischer dies and Georg Fischer I inherits the facilities in Schaffhausen


at the age of 22 years Georg Fischer II takes over the management of the plant in Schaffhausen after the still stand of production since 1854


Georg Fischer II decides to expand the manufacturing program by the production of soft castings (= malleable cast iron) according to the methods of his grandfather


Georg Fischer II buys the premises in Mühlental, Schaffhausen from his father Georg Fischer I and transforms it from a workshop-kind to an industrial plant

he begins with the production of pipe fittings in malleable cast iron in Schaffhausen.

Thus, Georg Fischer II is the first producer of malleable cast iron piping connections on the European continent.
The cast fittings represent a cost-effective and technically equivalent alternative to the previously used forged version

The first brochure appears with 91 models of pipe fittings, gas lighting accessories from ¼ -2 inches,
and tooling


the application on the domestic water supply was expanding


the English term “fittings” is first used in the German catalogue for pipe fittings.
Water, gas and steam piping are mentioned as applications


Timeline of the Plant at Traisen, Austria

Johann Conrad Fischer buys in Hainfeld abandoned industrial facilities and builds a factory for cast steel products and filings


J.C. Fischer gets the Austrian privilege for soft casting (=malleable cast iron ) and grants a license for
15 years to Wilhelm de Brévillier.
JCF‘s son Berthold constructs the foundry for Brévillier in Neunkirchen, Austria and serves as production manager for some years


Georg Fischer I buys the plant in Hainfeld from his father, and acquires two more hammer mills in Austria - one in Traisen, one in Ramsau

from 1843

Berthold Fischer converts the former hammer mill Traisen of his brother Georg Fischer I into a malleable cast iron foundry


The Traisen plant is renamed to Berthold Fischer – Eisenguss und Stahlwarenfabrik (Traisen).
A variety of malleable iron products are manufactured in the following years, however no pipe fittings


Berthold Fischer is awarded medals at the world exhibitions London for his malleable cast iron products

Berthold Fischer is awarded medals at the world exhibitions London for his malleable cast iron products


Sale of the Traisen plant to Austrian industrialists Gebrüder von Lenz


Under the new owner, production of malleable cast iron fitting begings

1920 - 1990

Changing Ownership:  
1920 Skoda-Wetzler, 1939 Alpine Montangesellschaft, 1973 Voest Alpine AG


The birth of Fittings Traisen GmbH with a new owner structure:
51% Georg Fischer and 49% Voest Alpine Stahl Linz


Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH; the historical circle to the foundation in 1833 has been closed


Start of PRIMOFIT production in Traisen

The Plant of Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH in Traisen today

Company policy

The Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH company policy is oriented towards the highest possible level of satisfaction for customers, owner, employees and the public, also including our partners as well as our suppliers.

The extensive merits we offer cover the following aspects:

  • a wide range of products
  • high-quality products
  • excellent customer advice
  • first-class delivery as well as customer service

Each employee is involved with customer service, ever increasing their usefulness for our customers' benefit. We have an enthusiastic team of employees who strongly believe in open and honest communication as fair partners.

We want to keep our position as market leaders. Our aim is to benefit our owner through good company performance and adequate profits. By the same token we would like to make profits to finance further technological improvements in the future in order to secure our technical advantage and our jobs. A company's sound financial situation ensures continuity. We are cooperative towards other companies within our Corporation. By concentrating on our core expertise, we fulfil our owner's expectations. Setting targets, as well as introducing incentive schemes for our competent employees, is part of our management strategy.

We encourage our employees to think autonomously and to act on their own initiatives, and we ask for mutual respect. We prefer open and honest communication. Flexibility and being open to new ideas are part of our company policy.
We are trying to put the above-mentioned aspects into practice through continuous improvement using certified management systems.

By showing our reliability, we aim to be predictable partners. We are increasing our credibility by informing the public - especially our neighbours - about our ecological achievements. We consider legal certainty to be an essential requirement for a successful company. We also accept responsibility towards the community by training young people.

Only together will we be able to reach our business goals!


Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH

Mariazellerstraße 75

3160 Traisen