The Multi/Clamp product family offers a wide range of stainless steel clamps for the quick repair of damaged pipes. The repair clamps consist of one or more clamp parts that are partially or completely covered with a rubber seal to stop leakage. Thanks to the clamp parts, the repair saddles can be attached to pipes with diameters ranging from 15 mm to 1,000 mm. 

For all pipe materials

Multi/Clamp repair clamps are suitable for pipes made of any material, such as ductile cast iron, grey cast iron, steel, asbestos cement and all types of plastic.

value-bar-icon-5 Fast and simple installation

Multi/Clamp repair clamps are quick and easy to install and tighten. They are suitable for both underground and aboveground applications.

value-bar-icon-6 Long service life

The stainless steel housing of Multi/Clamp repair clamps ensures durability and provides comprehensive corrosion protection for the repair area.

value-bar-icon-2 Repair even under pressure

The repair clamps are not only suitable for repairing non-pressurized pipes. Repairs with Multi/Clamp are also possible under pressure, even without shutting off the flow through the pipe.


Rick Van Kesteren

Marketing and Sales Manager

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