The iKLIMA floor heating system is ideal for achieving optimum temperature distribution in the room. The heat rising from the warm floor provides a heating curve for all types of rooms that optimally meets your needs. Humidity is also easier to regulate. In addition, the exceptional energy and cost efficiency of the heating system protects the climate and lowers operating costs. 

High level of comfort

As it is installed in the floor, the iKLIMA heating and cooling system ensures optimum temperature distribution and therefore an extremely pleasant room temperature.

Flexible system

Without radiators, completely new possibilities open up for interior planning, design and decoration. This flexibility also offers advantages for listed buildings.

value-bar-icon-3 Dust-free and hygienic

Floor heating systems do not have air currents or fans that spread dirt, dust or other allergens in the room air.

value-bar-icon-6 Cost-effectiveness

According to studies, floor heating systems work more effectively than other room heating systems. This higher energy efficiency reduces operating costs and protects the environment.

Clamp Screw Connections

The GF Piping Systems clamp screw connection guarantees a secure, water-pocket-free connection at full flow.

Electric Actuators

Actuators are used to open and close valves. Electric actuators are powered by an electric motor that converts a control signal into mechanical motion.

Hydraulic Balancing

Drinking water has to be safe, which is why GF Piping Systems has a range of circulation controllers designed to automatically control temperature, prevent the formation of biofilm, and facilitate thermal disinfection of the system when required.

Manifolds / Distributors

GF Piping Systems manifolds and distributors are used to distribute drinking water from one supply line to several drinking water lines. All water-carrying fittings are made of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand high pressures and temperatures in building technology installations.

Multi-Parameter Controller

The Multi-Parameter Controller is field-commissioned with a user-specified combination of inputs, outputs and relays using easy-to-install modular boards within the base unit.

Multilayer Pipes

Multilayer composite pipes combine the advantages of plastic and metal. Thanks to the flexibility of plastic and the strength of metal, the pipes are ideally suited to withstand the wide range of temperatures and pressures found in both cold and hot water systems.

Pipe Outlets & Boxes

With GF Piping Systems boxes, pipes can be replaced easily without damaging the wall thanks to the flexible box feet.

Temperature Sensors

Signet Temperature sensors have one piece injection molded PVDF bodies ideal for corrosive liquids to save time and cost.

Temperature/Pressure Sensors

GF Signet Temperature/Pressure sensors have one-piece, injection-molded PVDF bodies that are ideal for corrosive liquids while saving time and money.


GF SmartPro transmitters are available in two versions: The 9900 is a single-channel transmitter available as a panel or field mount, whilst the 9950 two-channel controller supports two sensors of same or different types in one instrument.

Plastic Pipes

Sturdy and lightweight, plastic pipes are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Versatile yet durable, these all-rounders offer exceptional reliability and proven quality.


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