Wherever purity is required, such as applications in the chemical or life sciences industries, PROGEF Natural is the obvious choice. The transparent, unpigmented polypropylene combines beneficial characteristics such as a clean, smooth surface and excellent chemical and temperature resistance up to 80°C, which, in conjunction with bead and crevice- free jointing, ensures the highest system quality. 

value-bar-icon-3 High performance

PROGEF Natural is suitable for the supply of DI water and critical fluids that are chemically sterilized in the life sciences and biotechnology sectors.

value-bar-icon-2 Reliable quality

The bead and crevice-free jointing technology, alongside minimal metallic leach-out values, guarantee the highest quality for processes that demand reliable purity.

Outstanding robustness

The exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance makes PROGEF Natural ideal for the transport of slurries (wastewater with particulate content) in the microelectronics industry.


PROGEF Natural is embossed with a permanent identification code during the production process, ensuring optimal traceability.

Adapters & Transitions

Adapters and transitions are essential for connecting metal with plastic pipes or even two plastic pipes. This range covers multiple materials and offers reliable connections while offering high flexibility during assembly.

Bends & Elbows

Bends and elbows are essential fittings that easily change the direction of pipes. The extensive range available offers not only multiple materials but also different curvature degrees to easily fit your piping system.

Couplers & Sockets

Simplify the pipe installation process with couplers and sockets. Specially designed to slide easily over pipes with no extra equipment required, they are cemented, welded or mechanically connected to create a pressure-tight joint.

Diaphragm Valve 515

Intended for use in numerous applications from chemical processing to water treatment, GF Piping Systems Type 515 diaphragm valves offer very linear flow characteristics with the highest flow rate available on the market. The spigot of the Type 515 allows for durable installation with no dead space.

Diaphragm Valve 519

Ideally suited to flow control and open/close duties, the Type 519 diaphragm valve is a three-way zero-static variant that can be used in a wide range of applications. Dead space is virtually eliminated around the valve thanks to the innovative design.

Diaphragm Valve DIASTAR Six

Engineered specifically for low-pressure applications, DIASTAR Six diaphragm valves are a cost-effective solution wherever top reliability, zero corrosion and optimized flow are required. The compact dimensions make them easy to install and remove.

Diaphragm Valve DIASTAR Ten

The ideal fail-safe diaphragm valve for standard applications, the DIASTAR Ten is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and suitable for use with abrasive media. Rotatable air connections make installation simple, while multiple accessories are available for enhanced performance.

Flange Connections

Flange connections are often the best mechanical connection between pipe segments or for installing valves up to very big dimensions.

Installation Fittings

GF Piping Systems has an extensive range of installation fittings available in a wide range of materials, ensuring secure and accurate positioning of sensors and electrodes for exceptional performance. The fittings match perfectly with all GF Signet products and are key for the easy installation of measurement equipment.


Reducers are used for effecting a smooth transition between two pipes or fittings with different dimensions. The wide selection available covers an exceptionally diverse area of applications. They are available in short or long versions and in centric or excentric versions.


Unions are the best mechanical connection between pipe segments and for installing all kinds of components up to the dimensions of d110/DN100. Unions are available in a wide range of materials and jointing options. The connection is fast and very robust.

Plastic Pipes

Sturdy and lightweight, plastic pipes are ideal for use in a wide range of applications. Versatile yet durable, these all-rounders offer exceptional reliability and proven quality.


When creating branch lines, lightweight tee, wye, and cross fittings make installation much easier. These fittings are made from a range of materials and malleable iron and cover multiple dimension possibilities including various reductions on the same fitting.


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