PRV Sizing Tool

PRV Sizing Tool: Finding the right dimension for pressure-regulating valves

Selecting the correct valve dimension is important for securing the optimum design of the piping system. This calculation tool helps you to select the correct dimension of the pressure-regulating valve for your application.

  • First, select the valve type, pipe diameter, pressure range and the desired unit (metric or imperial) from the valve data.
  • Next, enter the desired pressure (P1 or P2) and the flow Q as control variables. 
  • The calculation tool will then display the hysteresis curve for the valve in the selected dimension. The point on the curve represents the working point created under the specified parameters. Use the slider below the curve to regulate the valve dimension and you’ll immediately find the result displayed in the curve.

If the operating point is in the yellow range, you should set a smaller dimension for your valve in the slider below the curve. If the graph does not show an operating point, check that the selected flow rate is within the maximum flow of the selected valve and that the pressure matches the pressure range selection.


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