The Planning Fundamentals for Industry contain the entire expertise on industrial piping systems of GF Piping Systems and is divided into two books.

The first book "Dimensioning and Installation" describes and explains the essential basics for planning, product selection, processing as well as installation of pressure piping in industrial applications. The second book "Process Automation" contains information on valve types and the technical information on all valves. In addition, it covers the matching actuators, measurement and control technologies with selection of the right measurement system, as well as information on networking and communication.

  • Piping solutions for industrial applications
  • Plastic pipe materials and their sizing and installation
  • Valves and suitable actuators
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Network and communication

What's new? (August 2023)

  • The book "Process Automation" has been revised and restructured to allow work processes to be designed much more efficiently.
  • For all valves, the attributes "Product standard", "Test standard" and "Approvals" have been standardized or supplemented.
  • The chapter "Measurement and Control" has been completely revised and missing information and introductory texts have been added.

... and many more improvements to make the Planning Fundamentals for Industry better than ever before!


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