Urecon joined Georg Fischer in 2017. The company insulates pipes of all types and sizes, including fittings for thermal maintenance applications from Cryogenic to 150 °C, plus CSA-certified electrical trace heating. The high-quality, pre-insulated piping systems for the antifreeze, cold water and district heating market are internationally established, cost and energy-efficient and have been in use around the world since 1969.

Extremely robust

In remote areas with extremely cold climates, piping systems enable the reliable transport of water and wastewater.

Energy-efficient insulation

The use of polyurethane insulation minimizes heat loss and saves precious energy.

Field or factory-insulated according to requirements

The new PUR-SplitTube product allows for efficient field insulation when factory insulation is not possible.

Cost-efficient thanks to intelligent technology

Thermocable trace heating systems are CSA-certified for humid locations. Splices and terminations do not have to reach aboveground distribution boxes.