GF Harvel has been producing customized and standard piping solutions for customers around the world for more than half a century. Its meticulously processed and machined range of PVC, PP, CPVC and PVDF pipes, duct systems and other products are widely used in the fields of biotechnology, chemical processing, water treatment/distribution, mining and microelectronics thanks to their durability and long service life.

A cost-effective solution

PVC and CPVC are designed to last. Products by GF Harvel do not need to be replaced regularly and are not susceptible to corrosion, keeping costs to a minimum.

Innovation at the forefront

The company channels its wealth of experience into devising innovative custom and standard piping solutions to meet any requirement in any sector.

True resilience

GF Harvel has a range of PVC pipes for maximum robustness and versatility, and chlorine-treated CPVC variants for additional thermal and chemical resistance.

Extensive experience

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, GF Harvel’s products are the trusted choice across the globe.