Life Sciences

From high purity recirculating laboratory water and special waste to process cooling water... we have piping system solutions for you.

GF Piping Systems is the leading manufacturer of thermoplastic piping systems for laboratory, special waste, and process cooling water applications in the Life Sciences & Institutional markets, and the only manufacturer to offer truly complete piping system options to specification engineers and building facilities personnel.

Our technical support team is available to assist in all phases of system design and layout.

Expectations within the Life Sciences & Institutional markets call for high quality process water (RO/DI) piping systems that meet the specifications of design engineers, and special waste piping systems that meet regulatory compliance and safety standards for the conveyance and treatment of laboratory discharge.


  • Reverse osmosis (RO/DI) water
  • Demineralization systems
  • Zero dead-leg fixtures & BCF (bead and crevice-free joining technologies)
  • Special waste conveyance & neutralization
  • Corrosive/hazardous media containment
  • Process cooling


Paul Galvin

Business Development Manager, Life Science/Institutional