Design-Flow IPS HDPE

The combination of pipe, fittings, saddles, valves, and advanced fusion technologies are an ideal fit for a variety of Municipal and Industrial applications.

Design-Flow IPS Industrial HDPE ushers in a new generation piping system designed specifically for broad-based applications. The dynamic combination of specifiable pipe, fittings, valves, and advanced fusion technologies integrates well into the industrial process industry.

Due to its robust mechanical strength, high impact resistance (including very low temperatures) and excellent chemical resistance, Design-Flow IPS Industrial HDPE is the best all-around product for your industrial process application. In addition to quality 4710/PE100 materials Georg Fischer Piping Systems offers state of the art Contact Butt fusion machines with controlled parameters and fast fusion times as well as proven Electrofusion technology all combining repeatable weld joints and confidence in weld quality.

Size Range:

  • 2" - 36" IPS

Pressure Rating:

  • SDR 9 (250 PSI) @ 73°F
  • SDR 11 (200 PSI) @ 73°F
  • SDR 17 (130 PSI) @ 73°F

Operating Temperature:

  • -50°C to 60°C (-58°F to 140°F)


  • Polyethylene (PE)


Chemical Resistance

The Design-Flow HDPE system is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals found in M&I applications.

Complete System

Design-Flow is a complete system of pipe, fittings, valves, and advanced fusion technology all from a single supplier.

Light Weight

When compared to metal systems, Design-Flow HDPE is a fraction of the weight. This makes installation faster, safer and more economical.

Superior Physical Properties

Design-Flow has excellent physical properties with robust mechanical strength, high impact resistance at very low temperatures, and good abrasion resistance.

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