GF Hakan Plastik

Founded in 1965, Hakan Plastik achieved so many successes as the first company that produced silent pipe in Turkey and has reflected the importance that it attaches to the development and changes to its products and services ever since its incorporation. In 2013, Hakan Plastik was acquired by GF Piping Systems which reach out to over 100 countries through its over 30 production facilities.

GF Hakan Plastik has two production facilities in Çerkezköy and Urfa. Upon acquisition by GF, it has started to implement the global GF product and process standards which are applied all around the world. GF Hakan Plastik operates in the fields of superstructure and infrastructure in the plastic pipe sector. Exporting its products to over 70 countries, the Company has 7 sales regions across Turkey.

GF Hakan Plastik Training and Technology Center provides all its business partners with services with the target of increasing the knowledge and awareness level in the sector through its both technical and practical trainings. The Center reaches out to a wide audience such as the professionals serving the sector, university students and installers. In diverse training and seminar programs specifically designed for each stakeholder, information is provided about the products of GF Hakan Plastik and the accurate application techniques of the products.

Trust is Everything

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