COOLnews - Issue 3

Reliable, robust, maintenance and corrosion free

Maintenance free operations

COOL-FIT reduces the maintenance schedule of your facility

No corrosion or scaling

  • Longer Lifespan
  • No internal diameter reduction due to scaling
  • No corrosion maintenance shutdowns

No damaged jackets

  • 100 % UV resistant
  • High impact resistant
  • No stress corrosion cracking

No damaged insulation

  • Closed cell insulation bonded to pipe and jacket
  • Not exposed to the elements
  • Vapor seal prevents insulation mold growth

Water and vapor sealed

  • No gap between insulation and piping
  • Butyl tape seals the system
  • Pipe and fitting exteriors not water permeable
  • No thermal bridges or efficiency losses

Examples of maintenance budget savings

Example of weight savings in a Food Production Facility

COOL-FIT® at Tree House Brewing Company

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Efficient, reliable and sustainable cooling loops are necessary in a variety of industries and applications.

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