COOL-FIT PE Plus is a cutting-edge technology, designed for use in commercial and industrial refrigeration installations. It pairs corrosion and maintenance-free components with ex-works pre-insulation in a system that is reliable and efficient. Safe, lightweight and quick to install, this system is ideally suited for fruit and vegetable processors, slaughterhouses, and breweries. With COOL-FIT PE Plus, users can operate with maximum efficiency and no interruptions while minimizing maintenance and operating costs.

Size Range:

  • d32-d450 (1" - 18")

Pressure Rating:

  • 150 PSI SDR 17 

Operating Temperature:

  • -58°F to 140°F (-50°C to 60°C)


  • Carrier Pipe: GF PE100 HDPE
  • Outer Jacket Pipe: GF PE100 HDPE
  • Outer Jacket Fittings: Polyurethane Low Density(PUR)
  • Foam Insulation: Polyurethane High Density(PUR)

It's Time for a Change

Save maintenance budget allocated to replace corroded pipe, damaged insulation and jackets

Faster Installation

Install insulated piping in less time: Stainless Steel vs COOL-FIT®  PE Plus

100% maintenance-free and reliable

The plastic design eliminates the risk of corrosion and smooth inner surfaces prevent deposits, making the system virtually maintenance-free and as efficient as it was on its first day of operation.

65% less weight

Much lighter than metal piping systems, COOL-FIT PE Plus lowers structural demands on buildings and supporting structures while reducing the need for heavy and expensive transport aids.

50% faster installation

Consisting of pre-insulated components that require no extra modifications, COOL-FIT PE Plus takes advantage of electrofusion installation to allow for rapid set-up.

Higher energy efficiency

The low thermal conductivity of the plastic paired with the highly efficient foam increase the system’s energy efficiency, which in turn cuts energy costs.