AquaTap™ Recirculating Faucet

AquaTap™ recirculating laboratory faucets installed in combination with Inline Flow Diverters (IFD) eliminate dead-legs at all points of use to maintain purity throughout the DI water loop.

The AquaTap™ recirculating laboratory faucet is designed to provide constant DI fluid flow to point of use when used with our patented Inline Flow Diverter (IFD). The unique design of the IFD provides high flow from the distribution main through the faucet for constant water movement. How?

The IFD uses a slight orifice reduction to create a differential pressure imbalance which forces water through the faucet with minimal pressure loss.  The system is further enhanced by using smooth bore interconnecting tubing for design flexibility and simplified piping installations.


AquaTap System

A complete recirculating system: Faucet and Inline Flow Diverter

The AquaTap recirculating faucet system which consists of a faucet and an inline flow diverter (IFD). Both components work in conjunction to not only continually recirculate water throughout the system, but also maintain the highest purity water throughout the process.

The AquaTap faucet is made from high purity PVDF and it comes packaged with two PROGEF® PP isolation ball valves; these valves allow for isolation of flow to the faucet for routine maintenances or for renovation without interruption to the main water system.  SYGEF® PVDF isolation ball valves are available but sold separately.

The IFD is available in SYGEF® PVDF, PROGEF® Natural PP,  PROGEF® Standard PP and  PROGEF® PP Plus  in either weld or sanitary clamp connections. The IFD is uniquely engineered by applying Bernoulli's principle to create a differential pressure imbalance within the IFD which is the driving force for the water to circulate to faucet and back to the IFD.

AquaTap IFD Flow and Pressure Characteristics Calculator

Enter the input flow rate of the main line and the distance of the AquaTap faucet away from the IFD, and the calculator will provide the pressure loss in the main line in PSI as well as the recirculation flow rate in GPM

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