Fuseal® PP Special Waste Piping System

Fuseal® PP is primarily an Electrofusion piping system that is also complemented by a full line of Fast-Lock™ Mechanical Joint fittings; the two fitting types are interchangeable, easy to install, and perfectly reliable for special waste drainage.

Fuseal® PP is resistant to the corrosive action of alkalis, alcohols, acids, solvents and salt solutions. Dilute mineral acids and aqueous solutions of acid salts, which are so destructive to most metals, have no affect on the Fuseal PP system. In general, Fuseal PP is attacked only by strong oxidizing acids and weakened by certain organic solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Fuseal PP will not rust, pit, scale, corrode or be affected by electrolysis.

Fuseal PP piping systems have excellent chemical resistance and physical properties which make the system ideal for handling corrosive waste mixtures of acids, bases and solvents  present in laboratory, industrial or food and beverage processing DWV applications.

Features & Benefits

Size Range:

  • Fuseal® PP Electrofusion
    • 1½" - 18" Schedule 40
    • 1½" - 12" Schedule 80
  • Fuseal® Fast-Lock Mechanical Joint
    • 1½" - 4" Schedule 40/80

Pressure Rating:

  • 30 foot (15 PSI) maximum head pressure test for DWV applications
  • Up to 50 PSI for pressure waste applications (subject to manufacturers review of design)
    • Up to 35 PSI for Fuseal® Fast-Lock Mechanical Joint 

Operating Temperature:

  • 32°F - 212°F (0°C - 100°C)


  • Fuseal® PP Electrofusion
    • Polypropylene Non-Flame Retardant Pipe (PPNFR)
    • Polypropylene Flame Retardant (PPFR)
  • Fuseal® Fast-Lock Mechanical Joint
    • Polypropylene Non-Flame Retardant Pipe (PPNFR)
    • Polypropylene Flame Retardant (PPFR)

Elevate Your Waste Management

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Phil Schmidt

Product Manager