Factory Certified Training offered in-house at our facility in Shawnee Oklahoma, online with our fusion experts, and coming soon on-site at your location with our mobile training van! Classes to all GF Central Plastics distributors and product representatives who train in Electrofusion and/or install GF CP Electrofusion Fittings. Click here to contact our CF Training Coordinator for details on in-house training

Certifications Offered

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Fusion Inspector

Inspector training for small and large Electrofusion and Conventional sizes.

Classes Available:

September 2022

December 2022

March 2023

June 2023

Certified Organizations

EF Master Trainer - Small Diameter

Sturgeon Electric – Colorado:

  • Trenton Greene (6/21/2022)

ASTAR, Inc – OK and TX: 

  • Aaron Padilla (7/21/2022)
  • Manual Vasquez (9/21/2022)

Neuco, Inc – Il:

  • Ernest McDonald (7/21/2022)
  • Michael Horan (7/21/2022)
  • Joseph Wolski (7/21/2022)

USDI, Inc – Il, Mo, Ky, Ks, In, Mn:

  • Homer Gardner (11/21/2022)

Cooper Supply – Texas:

  • Jeremy Self (12/21/2022)
EF LDC Master Trainer - Large Diameter

LB Water – PA, VA, MD:

  • Jason Fisher (4/21/2022)
  • Alex Belanger (4/21/2022)
  • John Reider (4/21/2022)
  • Erick Milovich (4/21/2022)
  • Nate Smith (4/21/2022)
  • Ben Lewis (4/21/2022)

EnviroCon – Texas:

  • Shane Councileman (4/22/22)
  • Michael Moreno (4/22/22)
  • Osiris Davila (4/22/22)

Core & Main – Missouri:

  • Marcus Rinke (9/21/2022)
  • Anthony Hillyer (6/22/2022)
  • James Bolden (6/22/2022)
  • Neil Scott Gordon (6/22/2022)
Level 1 EF Installer - Small Diameter

Enbridge – Canada:

  • Dan Rogers (12/21/2022)
  • Daniel Giusfredi (12/21/2022)
  • Justin Cummings (12/21/2022)
  • Paul Schikol (12/21/2022)
  • Sangeeta Mishra (12/21/2022)
  • Ted Day (12/21/2022)
  • Terry Clark (12/21/2022)

GEM Technology – Tennessee:

  • Jimmie Smith (2/22/2022)
  • Brayden Perky (2/22/2022)
  • Virgil Smith (2/22/2022)
  • Zach Lofgren (2/22/2022)


  • Gregory Jankowski (3/22/2022)
  • Mario Munez (3/22/2022)
  • Jose Garcia (3/22/2022)
  • Lance Speck (3/22/2022)
  • Zach Mason (3/22/2022)
  • Price Hunt (3/22/2022)
  • Carrie Bates (3/22/2022)
Level 2 EF LDC Installer – Large Diameter

PE Alliance:

  • Drew Mueller (6/1/2021)
  • Daniel Landy (6/1/2021)
  • Alan Ambler (6/1/2021)

Milford Online:

  • Fernando Magallanes (1/1/2022)

FW Webb:

  • Thomas Ramsay (3/22/2022)
  • Jaime Phillips (3/22/2022)
  • Eric Reilly (3/22/2022)
Level 3 EF Master Installer - All Diameters
EF Fusion Inspector

SRB, LLC - Oklahoma:

  • James Oney (1/21/2022)
  • Kaelen Hutchings (1/21/2022)
  • Dennis Albert (1/21/2022)
  • Alan Nava (1/21/2022)

Our Location:

GF Central Plastics Innovation Central

39605 W Independence Ave | Shawnee, OK 74804
Phone: 405 878 4934

Contact Us:

Jenny Bui | Training Coordinator

Cell: 405 205 5184

Student Testimonials:

Emmy Zimmerman, Technical OQ Fusion Trainer with Groebner

"The training received at George Fisher has been invaluable to our knowledge and skillset as trainers in the natural gas field. As trainers we have been able to take the samples created to show as what does and does not make a good fusion. As trainers the training received has made us better educators."

Heather Brown, OQ Account Manager with Gajeske, Inc.

"Gajeske, Inc. has been a long time purchaser and trainer of George Fischer products. Recently, we had some new hires needing training and it was super easy and efficient working with the GF team to get everything set up and scheduled. They are quick in their responses and my team had a great time in Shawnee. I think one of them even won at the casino, which made it even better for them. I enjoy the working relationship that we have and that is such a plus in this industry to know that we will be taken care of."

Sam Messenger, Corporate Trainer with ASTAR, Inc.

"As an individual that knows the world of plastic fusion in many aspects, I was very impressed with the professionalism and outstanding training that I received while attending Georg Fischer Central Plastics internal training course. The staff was very gracious and the Trainers were very knowledgeable in plastic fusion technology. They went above and beyond to please us and treated us like family. As a trainer and certifier for ASTAR, Inc. I would highly recommend companies send their trainers and certifiers to Georg Fischer for training. The plant tour, while there, was an added bonus. These guys have a good wrap on the industry."

Marcus Rinke, Fusion Equipment Specialist with Core & Main LP

"I attended the Feb 4th LDC training class at GF Central Plastics. It was my first time visiting the plant and being in the Innovation Central Training Facility. Having worked with their electrofusion equipment and products for 14 years I found the experience very informative. The training facility is setup extremely well and allows for people to actually see all the different types of products applied in real work applications. The hands-on training area is setup very nice and I took away some new techniques even after doing it for so many years. I also found the burst destructive test and plant tour to be a great part of the experience as well."