What if you could optimize your cooling applications without compromising on installation, sustainability, maintenance and insulation? COOLnews will show you how each quarter.

Easy from the get-go

Metal piping systems come with a long list of challenges in chilled water, glycol and brine applications:

  • Operation challenges: damaged insulation and jackets, condensation, ice build up, mold, corrosion, leakage
  • Installaton challenges: heavy weight, price instability, hiher cost, longer installation time

It's time for a change: a unique 3-in-1 pre-insulated plastic piping system that is easy and fast to install, safe, reliable and environmental friendly.



GF Piping Systems' products are marine approved by classes

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Water solutions for passenger ships, merchants, and offshore platforms
Faster installation

Save time and money on installation. Read more below and watch our comparison video of an identical metal pipe installation versus pre-insulated plastic piping system, the result is impressive!

Efficient sustainability

Pre-insulated plastic piping systems are perfectly sealed cooling circuits and prevent energy loss, having a huge impact on costs and your plant's energy consumption. More on this topic next quarter.

Maintenance free

Reliable and robust pre-insulated plastic piping systems are 100% maintenance free and corrosion free preventing condensation as well as ice build up. Stay tuned for more content.

Superior insulation

The closed cell insulation is fully bonded to both the media pipe and the robust external jacket. Sign up for COOLnews now so you don't miss out on this valuable content coming out later this year.

Let's talk about ease and speed of installation

Lightweight matters

  • Pre-insulated plastic piping systems weigh up to 60% less than post-insulated metal piping systems
  • The lightweight makes it easier and safer to handle on site
  • Installation is quicker and less labor intensive
  • Reduces the structural weight
  • Allows for installation of more equipment on the roof 
GF Piping Systems' prefabrication possibilities

Plug and Play

Custom fittings and pre-fabricated spool pieces can be supplied to shorten the installation time even more.

Install time is reduced by at least 50% compared to metal piping systems because no post insulation, painting or wrapping are necessary.

Reduce costs and construction time by using our digital libraries for the design, creation, and maintenance of a project.

Fully automatic electrofusion welding with built-in traceability minimizes human error, and produces permanent joints in just a few minutes.

On-site training and installer certifications are included to ensure the quality of installation, less material usage and an overall quicker install.

A wide range of pre-insulated pipes, valves and fittings is available for an easier and faster assembly.

Can a pre-insulated plastic pipe be installed in less time than a post-insulated stainless steel pipe?


Efficient, reliable and sustainable cooling loops are necessary in a variety of industries and applications.

Chilled Water for Comfort Cooling

Battery Production Cooling

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