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The history of secondary refrigeration in breweries is also long with brines and salt solutions often being used to cool and control the fermentation process as well as for climate control in the storage rooms. Simple and cost-effective installation followed by an efficient, maintenance-free system – that is what every brewery manager is looking for.



Throughout the wine production process, a temperature-controlled environment and process is of paramount importance to the efficiency of the winery and the quality of the wine. The fermentation process itself is very temperature-sensitive, requiring the storage tanks to be cooled. This is one of the core cooling applications in wineries; other applications, such as the freshly crushed grape juice and all storage areas, also need to be cooled.


Carbonated Drinks

The fizz and characteristic taste of soft drinks and carbonated water comes from dissolving CO2 in water, causing a reaction of dilute carbonic acid. Cooling is an essential part of the bottling process for all carbonated drinks.


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