Georg Fischer is proud of it's long history of success with roots going back more than 200 years when Johann Conrad Fischer laid the foundation. What began in 1802 with a small copper smelting plant and development works for new alloys, has since developed into the global industrial concern we know today. Towards the end of 19th century, the company first began by producing the long-standing malleable cast iron fittings, thereby creating the basis of today's division GF Piping Systems. Today, it is established as a leading supplier of piping systems for the safe and reliable transport of liquids and gases. Despite the constant change, customer-centric innovation and sustainability remain the defining values for GF Piping Systems.

Within India, our product range is extensive, encompassing fittings, valves, electrofusion, and butt-fusion machines tailored for diverse applications. This includes compression fittings designed to streamline installation, repair, and maintenance procedures. Moreover, we offer customized solutions, on-site services, skid building, engineering, and off-site prefabrication services.

GF Piping Systems India operates its sales regional offices from Mumbai (Headquarters), Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Delhi, and Gujarat. Our presence extends to Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, ensuring ample availability and prompt, dependable service and delivery.

Located in Ratnagiri, our manufacturing plant holds LEED certification. We cater to a range of industries, including Utility, Industry, and Building Technology.