Conductive switches are based on the conductivity principle and can be applied to liquids with conductivity higher than 10 μS/cm.
The probes must be immersed into the tank for detecting the level. The probe length should be in accordance with the level to be detected. Filling liquid in the tank will change the electrical conductivity between the reference probe and probes. The established connection will be converted and will activate a relay providing for output.

Quick installation

This product is quick and easy to install because each sensor features two to four switching points, and the length of the probe can be configured on-site.

Easy to use

The simple design of the device makes it easy to operate. Place the probe in the tank, fill it with liquid and record the difference in electrical conductivity.

Economical solution

Thanks to the ease with which the device can be installed and operated, it is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, and it is also very economical.

Product flexibility

In addition to the ability to configure the probe length on-site, the product also features adjustable sensitivity and delay time, which ensures flexibility.

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