There is more to the pipe than meets the eye: It must be resistant, soundproofed and, of course, watertight, especially for sewage pipes. This is precisely GF Hakan Plastik’s speciality. Part of the Georg Fischer family since 2013, the Turkish-manufactured Hakan plastic pipe solutions meet the highest requirements. And not only that: Services, training and further education as well as system solutions are also part of the brand portfolio.

World-class quality

As a global company, GF Hakan Plastik manufactures world-class pipe solutions, a fact that is underscored by the certification of its products to international standards.

Innovation champion in plastic pipes

GF Hakan Plastik, the first manufacturer of soundproofed pipes, continues to be the pioneer for robust and reliable plastic pipes today.

Service in top quality and at top speed

More than just pipes: With its Training and Technology Center, GF Hakan Plastik supports users with services including training and further education.

World-class product portfolio

Under the GF Hakan Plastik brand, users can find solutions including soundproofed pipe systems, hoses, well pipes and plasticizer-free drinking water pipes.

GF Aquasystem PP-R and PP-RCT

GF Aquasystem is made of high-quality PP-R and suitable for use in central heating systems, hot and cold water applications, potable water networks and compressed air systems. Especially for hot water applications, GF Aquasystem PP-RCT is one of the best solutions in the market due to its crystalline structure.

Silenta Premium

Silenta Premium pipes with three-layer sound insulation for hot and cold as well as acidic liquids are suitable for the disposal of domestic wastewater.