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No.PipeDescriptionNo. of reportName of reportSize of sampleIssue dateExpire date
1PE-RT OBoxygen barrier property2007(G)1481Oxygen barrier property for PE-RT OB d20x2.0d20x2.02007.11.052009.11.05
2PE-RT FHThermal stability under internal hydrostatic pressure (8760h)2005 (G) 0429PE-RT fitting / pipe d 20d202005.05.08None
3PE-RT FHMechanical and physical property2008(G)0741/0742PE-RT fitting / pipe d 20d202008.06.042010.06.04
4PE-RT HCWMechanical and physical property2011(G)09021PE-RT fitting d 90d902011.09.13None
5PE-RT HCWMechanical and physical property2011(G)09020PE-RT pipe d 90d902011.09.13None
6PE-RT HCWFitness for purpose of the system2006(G) 0001PE-RT fusion system d16d162006.02.08None
7PE-RT HCWFitness for purpose of the system2006(G) 0002PE-RT mechanical joint system d16d162006.02.08None
8PE-RT HCWhygienic behavior2008KF0059/0060PE-RT pipe / fitting for water supply d50d502008.05.052010.05.05
9PE-RT HCWMechanical and physical property2009(G)0178/0179PE-RT fitting /pipe d25d252009.02.232011.02.23
10PE-RT HCWThermal stability under internal hydrostatic pressure (8760h)2006(G)1199PE-RT fitting /pipe d25d252006.10.09None
11PE-RT HCWMechanical and physical property2009(G)1134/1135PE-RT fitting /pipe d110d1102009.07.272011.07.27
12PE-RT(Grey)HCWMechanical and physical property2009(G)0781/0782PE-RT pipe / fittingd25d252009.02.232011.02.23
13PE-RT(Grey)HCWOpacity properties2009(G)0798PE-RT pipe / fittingd25d252009.06.042011.06.04
14PE-RT(Grey)HCWhygienic behavior2009KF0274/0275PE-RT pipe / fittingd25d252009.06.052011.06.05
15PB OBoxygen barrier property2007(G)1603Oxygen barrier property for PB OB d20x2.0d20x2.02007.12.132009.12.13
16PB 4237Mechanical and physical property2009(G) 1579&1580PB4237 pipes /fitting d16d162009.10.182011.10.18
17PB 4237Mechanical and physical property2009(G)1583/1584PB4237 pipes /fitting d110d1102009.10.182011.10.18
18PB 4237hygienic behavior2006KF0061/0062pipe / fitting of PB for water supply d50d502008.05.052010.05.05
19PB 4237Thermal stability under internal hydrostatic pressure (8760h)2004(G)0603-1PB4237 pipe / fitting d25d252004.07.15None
20PB 4237Fitness for purpose of the system2004(G)0047-2PB4237 pipe / fitting d25d252004.01.15None
21PB 4235Mechanical and physical property2009(G) 1581&1582 PB4235 pipe / fitting d20d202009.10.182011.10.18
22PB 4235Thermal stability under internal hydrostatic pressure (15000)2005 (G) 0729PB 4235 Pipe d25d252005.06.08None
23PB 4235Fitness for purpose of the system2004(G)0046-2PB4235 pipe / fitting d25d252004.01.15None
24PB 4235Thermal stability under internal hydrostatic pressure (8760h)2004(G)0045PB4235 pipe / fitting d26d252004.07.15None
25PB AkoafloorMechanical and physical property2009(G)1454/1455PB Akoafloor pipe/fitting d20d202009.09.222011.09.22
26HDPEMechanical and physical property 2009(G)1547/1549 PE100 pipe/fitting d20d202009.10.192011.10.19
27HDPEMechanical and physical property 2009(G)1548/1550 PE100 fitting/fitting d110d1102009.10.192011.10.19
28HDPEhygienic behavior2008KF0063/0064pipe / fitting of PE for water supply d50d502008.05.052010.05.05
29ManifoldTightness Performance、Hydrostatic Strength etcGTS0910001Manifold,3 loop,d20*2.03 loop2009.10.232011.10.23

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