Designed to be integrated into pneumatic and hydraulic fluid power systems, GF Piping Systems solenoid valves control media flow with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Zero corrosion is guaranteed thanks to the highly resistant plastic components while the sensitive solenoid elements are sealed off from the liquid or gas inside the pipe for maximum protection. Ideal for installing in systems that convey aggressive media.

Excellent corrosion protection

The solenoid technology in the valves is hermetically isolated from the liquid or gaseous media, which protects it from corrosion and extends the service life.

Manual lockable override

Every valve features a built-in manual override that can be activated when commissioning a pipe system or performing testing after maintenance.

Hardwearing materials

These solenoid valves are made from hardwearing plastic that is highly resistant to aggressive alkaline and acidic solutions.

Multiple fields of application

Thanks to their resistance to corrosion, applications for these solenoid valves include chemical plants, dyeing and washing facilities, and water treatment systems.

Solenoid Valve 166

The Solenoid Valve Type 166, featuring two-way, direct-acting, media-separated design, is extremely resistant to corrosive solutions and offers exceptional process reliability. It is available in different materials to cover various fields of application.

Solenoid Valve 165

The two-way, servo-acting and media-separated design of the Solenoid Valve Type 165 makes it ideal for use in systems containing contaminated or corrosive fluids. The solenoid technology is hermetically isolated for maximum protection.

Solenoid Valve 160/161

Designed for simple installation and removal, the Solenoid Valve Types 160 (2/2 way) and 161 (3/2 way) are made from durable PVC-U for maximum thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Both variants feature a manual override and metric solvent cement socket.

Solenoid Valve 157

A pivoted-armature solenoid valve, the Solenoid Valve Type 157 is made of PVC-U, making it suitable for use with aggressive alkaline and acidic solutions. It offers high process reliability and features a built-in manual and lockable override for testing purposes.


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