PUR-SplitTube™ is pipe insulation that’s quickly and easily installed in the field utilizing 6.1 m (20-foot) long polyurethane shells with a hinged polyethylene jacket. Pipe joints and fittings with field modified PUR-SplitTube™ or fabricated kits. PUR-SplitTube™ can be applied to direct buried pipe systems ranging from 25 mm to 350 mm (1” to 14”). PUR-Split Tube is ideal for virtually any pipe material.

System Range

25 mm to 350 mm (1” to 14”)


• Freeze prevention for plastic and metal systems

• Most outdoor, direct bury pipe installations

• HVAC chilled or warm water

• District heating and cooling

• Industrial process

• Food processing

• Chemical feed

Speed of Installation

PUR-SplitTube™ is a simple clam shell system that installs far quicker than comparable systems as a result of the hinged jacket and peel-away closure design

Fast Delivery to Site

PUR-SplitTube™ can be shipped to the site in a number of days (not weeks).

Installation Value

PUR-SplitTube™ is constructed of high quality, lightweight polyurethane foam providing maximum insulation value, high compressive strength, and closed cell construction to provide moisture resistance.

Very Few Seams

PUR-SplitTube™ has fewer seams than conventional mechanical clam shell type systems, resulting in a tighter overall system with less thermal bleed.



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