Whatever your pipe set-up, GF Piping Systems has the right check valve to ensure consistent flow characteristics and prevent backflow into other parts of the installation. Made from extremely robust plastic, these valves are installed vertically or horizontally, depending on type, and in no time at all thanks to their streamlined, intuitive design. They require minimal maintenance and can handle both small and large pipe configurations.

Simple installation and removal

These check valves are designed to be installed in minutes without the need for any special tools and can be removed as required.

Minimal maintenance

Made of high-grade, hardwearing plastic, these check valves require virtually no maintenance. The result: A robust piping system you can rely on.

Outstanding versatility

GF Piping Systems produces check valves for horizontal or vertical installation, ideal for everything from large-scale systems to small units.

No media backflow

GF Piping Systems engineers check valves to prevent the backflow of gas or liquid into other sensitive parts of the piping system.

Cone Check Valve Type 561 & 562

The Cone Check Valve 561/562 is designed to prevent the backflow of media into sensitive systems. This valve minimizes pressure loss and comes with a special seal to guarantee leakproof operation.

Wafer Check Valve Type 369

Large installations require a valve that is simple to insert and maintain, which is why GF Piping Systems developed the Wafer Check Valve Type 369. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and guarantees excellent flow characteristics.

Type 303/304 Angle Seat Check Valve

Both exceptionally reliable and versatile, the type 303/304 angle seat check valves from GF Piping Systems can be installed horizontally or vertically. The check element can be easily serviced without having to dismantle the entire valve.

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