GF Piping Systems offers mechanical, hydraulic and CNC-guided fusion machines for on site constructions and the workshop. The fusion areas of the pipes and fittings are heated to fusion temperature and joined by means of mechanical pressure, without using additional materials. The fusion parameters is coordinated to create a homogenous joint with consistently high welding quality. GF Piping Systems butt fusion machines minimize distortion, maintain a high level of stability and keep the butt fusion process as short as possible. All heating elements are exceptionally reliable and the units are easy to operate.


  • Manual: up to d280
  • Mechanical : d40 to d250
  • Hydraulic : d40 to d1200
  • CNC : d40 to d630


  • Appropriate materials for Butt Fusion Jointing: PP, PE, PVDF and PB
Easy to operate

All machines feature an intuitive operator interface, providing optimized configuration and mechanical design for easy handling and installation on site.

Process efficiency

Fast set-up with support of automatic functionalities reduces the total installation time and the operator effort for every single joining process.


The mechanical configuration and the control system are designed to fit the complete dimensional range of pipes and fittings as well as the different application requirements.


The high precision of fusion parameter control and the robustness of mechanical devices and electronic hardware combine to guarantee high quality of joints and long service life.

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