Safety Valves

A simple but intelligent design ensures that these safety valves reliably protect water heaters and all other system components against pressure-related overloads.

This reliable, high-quality safety valve automatically opens in the event of pre-defined excess pressure levels. Made of hardwearing bronze and brass and capable of withstanding very high temperatures, these valves have a simple design consisting of few parts. This keeps the dimensions and maintenance requirements to a minimum. Installed vertically, these valves offer excellent protection for water installations.

Protection for water heaters

Once the pre-set pressure setting in the piping system is reached, the safety valve will open automatically, discharging the necessary volume of water.

Simple operation

As well as being easy to install in a piping system, it takes just seconds to carry out a functional check and rinse the valve, all thanks to the intuitive design.

Space-saving and robust

GF Piping Systems has designed its safety valves to be as compact as possible for ease of installation.

Minimal maintenance

Thanks to their straightforward design, which features a compression spring, membrane, ventilation nut, O-ring and housing, these valves are almost maintenance-free.

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