The world's first infrared welded PVC-U system

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GF Piping Systems has been producing PVC-U for more than 65 years and is also a leader in infrared welding technology. Now we have combined our expertise in these two fields to bring the first IR welded PVC-U system to the market.

During this online session, our experts from GF Piping Systems focused on the PVC-U material itself, the infrared welding technology and the new system. In a live welding demonstration we presented all the features and also discuss advantages and disadvantages of connecting pipes with adhesives and welding technology. Our experts from the UK and the Netherlands also shared some customer impressions and feedback of already installed applications.


English speaking session

German speaking session


The PVC-U and welding technology specialists of GF Piping Systems provide years of experience in the planning and execution of chemical process and water treatment applications.

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