Whether you need to convert a piping system from metal to plastic or modernize an existing plant, our experts will accompany you through all phases of your project – from planning to commissioning. We will help you to reduce unnecessary time and material losses and keep your application downtimes to a minimum. Related costs and potential liability risks are minimized and the good reputation of your company is protected.

  • Always the right support: The services of GF Piping Systems allow you to benefit from all the advantages of a maintenance-free, durable and safe plastic piping system, even with little or no experience. You will receive support in all project phases.
  • Optimized process for your project: In all project phases, your employees will be assisted in adapting existing processes and tools to the special needs of a modern plastic piping system. Your organization benefits additionally from an increase in knowledge.
  • On time and within budget: The experts at GF Piping Systems will help you to implement your project on time and within budget, avoiding unnecessary risks. You benefit from more than 60 years of domain expertise with plastic systems worldwide.
  • Focus on your core expertise: The services of GF Piping Systems allow your employees to focus on their core competencies and outsource special aspects of the project directly to our specialized plastics piping experts, making your staff more efficient.
  • Reduced indirect risks: Incorrect planning, improper installation or incorrect use of components can lead to the loss of time and material with high consequential costs and delays. The services of GF Piping Systems reduce or remove even these indirect risks.


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