Infrared (IR) Fusion Machines

IR fusion machines, designed and produced by GF Piping Systems, meet the highest demands of mechanical stability, reproducibility and quality of fusion jointing. Typical application areas include the process and microelectronic industry.

IR fusion machines are characterized by contact-free melting of the components to be fused. This eliminates the possibility of contamination or the pipe faces sticking to the heater. Due to the minimal defined welding bead, there is a good flow in the fusion zone, which increases the free passages of the pipe. The machine covers materials including PVDF (SYGEF), ECTFE (SYGEF), PP grey (PROGEF), PP-n (PROGEF Natural) PE100 (ecoFIT) and PFA. The dimension range starts at d20 mm and goes up to d400 mm.  

Highest efficiency

IR fusion machines allow for extremely short and controlled heating and cooling times. These are automatically adjusted to the ambient temperature. The very high degree of automation additionally increases efficiency.

Highest process reliability

The automated and controlled fusion process guarantees high reproducibility. Possible operator errors and faults are detected and directly reported. The fusion process is fully documented, which enables complete traceability.

Easy to use

The intuitive and multilingual user interface allows for easy operation. The machines ensure that even complex installations (e.g., flange combinations) can be welded without any problem.

Wide range of applications

IR fusion machines are perfectly designed for industrial applications and cleanroom conditions. The wide range of machines covers a large spectrum of dimensions and materials. GF has the right machine for every point of use, including remote fusion with tight spatial conditions.

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