Energy-efficient cooling processes

18.-19. October 2022: Sign up for the online event series «Let's talk about» powered by GF Piping Systems and TRANE Technologies, to learn how to design and engineer low-emission cooling and refrigeration processes in just 20 minutes.

Since 1970, global CO2 emissions have increased by 90%. Fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes account for almost 80% of this. Another area with a lot of savings potential is the heating and cooling of buildings: 15% of today's global emissions are attributable to HVAC applications. 

Trane and GF Piping Systems have partnered to educate planners, engineers, and project managers about energy-efficient, low-emission options in HVAC/R design and help them contribute to a more sustainable future for cooling and refrigeration processes. Sign up for the event series, and you will learn in just 20 minutes how you can contribute to the engineering and designing of cooling processes for future construction and industrial applications.


Process- and industrial cooling

Air Conditioning (HVAC)


The cooling and refrigeration specialists of GF Piping Systems and Trane Technologies provide years of experience in the planning and execution of cooling and refrigeration installations and know what is important when it comes to sustainable solutions.

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