The Premiere of a DN825 MULTI/JOINT® Flange Adaptor

In the very heart of Zürich

More and more utility companies around the world get acquainted with their very first MULTI/JOINT® big-sized fitting DN625 – DN825 (Big 5 family) for their water applications. Switzerland is no exception. Carmine Bencivenga, Product Manager, GF Switzerland, saw the big fitting being lifted into the trench and installed.

Benci, can you say something about this installation?

On March 3, 2021, the premiere took place in the very heart of Zürich: the first large and new MULTI/JOINT® Big 5 fitting was installed in Switzerland. This gem was a DN825 flange adaptor, the biggest available dimension within the new MULTI/JOINT® series. As a longterm partner of Stadt Zürich Wasserversorgung (waterworks of Zürich), GF Piping Systems was willing to take the challenge for the project.

Why was it a challenge?

The challenge was the very narrow spaces and large pipe diameters. The criteria of this project included that the fitting needed to be wide range and restraint. The focus was on restraint. The MULTI/JOINT® fulfilled all these criteria. This new fitting is not only convincing in size and versatility, but it is also easy to install. The installation was a big success!

Besides the success, were there setbacks as well?

At first, a fitting with the wrong dimension was ordered; a MULTI/JOINT® DN800. We measured again on site and discovered we needed a larger fitting. Luckily, within three days, another fitting was delivered. That is the perk of having them in stock in our warehouse. Because of this quick delivery, the project proceeded without any delay.

What did you notice about the fitting?

The fitting was delivered on a pallet, secured with tension straps, making it easy to handle and move the fitting around on site. It had hygienic protection covering each side of the opening so that the gripping mechanism could not be polluted. Ensuring a very clean delivery and limiting packaging waste to a minimum.

What about user-friendliness?

It was extremely easy to lower the fitting into the trench. It was in balance and safe to use for the installers. The fitting was equipped with wooden spacers. Thanks to this system, it had a maximum outside diameter and could be positioned quickly on the old pipes. These installers have worked with MULTI/JOINT® before. Never with such a big-sized one, however. They had many positive things to say after the successful installation, such as ‘quick to work with,’ ‘easy,’ and even the word ‘sensational’ was used. For those who have worked with MULTI/JOINT® before, there was a certain a-ha moment. It felt all so familiar.

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