The Night Shift in Action

Gelsenwasser Waterworks

GELSENWASSER Energienetze GmbH specializes in distribution lines of electricity, gas, and water. From heating installations to street lighting, this multi-utility company is responsible for 5.500 kilometers of gas pipes, 1000 kilometers of water pipes, and 184 kilometers of electricity lines for 51 cities and municipalities of North Rhine-Westphalia. The wide range fitting MULTI/JOINT® of GF Piping Systems was convincing as a repair solution for one of the water pipes that needed replacement.

Background of the project

During a routine maintenance check, the team discovered a defective butterfly valve within the drinking water pipe network of the city of Selm. Therefore, the entire section of the network needed replacing. Since these DN600 and DN500 pipes supplied water for tens of thousands of people and many industrial plants, the installation happened during nighttime to ensure limited interruption to service. Temperatures dropped several degrees below freezing that night. GF Piping Systems technical sales engineers Berthold Hetjens and Tino Sanftenberg Köhler offered a special service. They arranged a hot goulash soup and drinks for all 25 men on site.

Selected technical solutions

The company chose one DN500 and two DN600 MULTI/JOINT® couplers with an EPDM gasket for the project. Thanks to the flexible sealing system, a quick, safe, and permanent connection was made, with the added benefit of a wide range of 43 millimeters. All MULTI/JOINT® fittings are perfectly coated, visibly proven by the GSK RAL quality mark. In addition, you do not need much force to install these big fittings. With only a torque of 140-newton meter (Nm), the job is complete.

Improvements are realized

All fittings have a Resicoat® epoxy powder coating, which makes them fully corrosion-proof. MULTI/JOINT® dimensions from DN350 and up are equipped with a lifting eye. This ensures safe and easy transportation of the couplers within the trench and onto the pipe end for the installers. Besides this, MULTI/JOINT® has an angularity of 8 degrees per socket end. If needed, an angularity of 16 degrees in total is possible. All this ensured a successful installation, and by the time dawn broke, people in Selm were able to use water as if nothing had ever happened. 

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