Pressure Test Multi-Kit Plus

This custom kit can adapt to virtually any commonly used pneumatic pressure testing device, and is the perfect match for Gas Distribution on GFCPs EF Wide Body HVTT’s, EF Service Tapping Tees, VersaTap® Fittings and includes a test cap and punch plug tool for use on the HiFlow HVTT Fitting.

Features & Benefits

  • This kit comes complete with 3 Pressure Test Caps, can be used on EF Wide Body HVTT, EF Service Tapping Tee Our VersaTap® Fitting and our EF HiFlow HVTT Fitting.
  • The kit is compact and light weight, parts are well organized in custom case and easy to identify..
  • Easy to read pressure gauge (0 to 160 psi), that's the perfect range for PE applications on natural gas distribution systems.
  • Gauge assembly has multiple pressure up/bleed off options.
  • Quick Connects on both the test caps and gauge assembly, which allows you to choose the combinaton that works best for you.
  • Each gauge assembly comes complete with a pop-off valve.
  • Relieves at 150lbs, so it's safe to use and avoides over pressurization.
  • This kit includes a Punch Plug Tool and an extra Punch Plug for use while testing the HiFlow HVTT Fitting.
Product Name
Part Number
Product Name Part Number
Pressure Test Multi-Kit Plus 360065390
1. EF HiFlow HVTT Test Cap 360065024
2. EF Wide Body HVTT or VersaTap® Test Cap 360064915
3. EF Service TT 360093659
4. Pressure Test Gauge 360068983
5. Punch Plug Tool 360065385
6. Extra Punch Plug 360065409
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