IPS Ribbed Metal Under-Clamp

The range of Ribbed Metal Under-Clamp is available in various IPS sizes, and features an robust design that increases the clamp longevity, eliminates clamp set-up errors, and minimizes training.

Features and Benefits

  • The casting component found on the original clamp has been eliminated. The flip bar and knurled thumb screws have been eliminated, removing any potential for clamp set-up error.
  • The Cam and Pressure Plate on the original design have been replaced with an easy to actuate combination hand & wrench tightened hex bolt. By eliminating the cam and replacing it with this design, the clamping forces remain constant throughout the life of the clamp.
  • The Clamping Mechanism now has a controlled screw driven advance, a positive stop, and a bearing at the loading point. The clamping force advances effortlessly and the positive stop assures that the needed clamping forces have been reached regardless of the fittings type. The bearing eliminates a wear point at the pressure plate.
  • The Operation is intuitively easy. Minimal training is required. Written Use and Maintenance Instructional Materials will accompany each clamp.
  • It's Made and Assembled in the USA. Count on quality, affordability, and if necessary, reparability of the clamp.

Part Numbers

Part Number
Part Number Description
360094932 Assembly, Saddle Clamp, 1.25" IPS, Ribbed Version
360093555 Assembly, Saddle Clamp, 2" IPS, Ribbed Version
360092647 Assembly, Saddle Clamp, 3" IPS, Ribbed Version
360092229 Assembly, Saddle Clamp, 4" IPS, Ribbed Version
360092116 Assembly, Saddle Clamp, 6" IPS, Ribbed Version
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