HiFlow EF HVTT Teaser


The 8 IPS x 2 IPS Monolithic HiFlow EF High Volume Tapping Tee combines state-of-the-art manufacturing and performance standards. Its combined features and benefits are unsurpassed in the industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in both MDPE 2708 and HDPE 4710, allowing like materials to be fused to the outlet
  • Designed with a monolithic body, which eliminates a fusion joint
  • Redesigned chimney, eliminates the need for No-Blow tapping tools while delivering a reduced chimney height
  • Positive stop for cap seat, allows operator to know the cap is installed properly
  • Coarse threads on chimney and cap, eliminate cross threading potential and speeds make-up
  • Newly developed single use under-saddle clamp, connect quickly and easily
  • Extended outlet length, improves ease of butt fusion and/or peeling preparation
  • Tapping is easy and the shavings are captured above the coupon inside the cutter, using the low torque 1.8" cutter
  • State-of-the-art matte design incorporates GF's latest technology in electrofusion joining
Part Number
Size Part Number Description
8"IPS x 2"IPS 360092180 HIFLOW EF HVTT,8,IPS, DR11,BF,PE4710,MONO,
8"IPS x 2"IPS 360092177 HIFLOW EF HVTT,8,IPS, DR11,BF,PE2708,MONO,
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