Designed by GF Piping Systems to be installed on-site, the Hycleen Des produces a highly effective sodium hypochlorite solution to eliminate and prevent bacteria in drinking water – whether hot or cold. Minimal byproducts are guaranteed, while the low potential for corrosion ensures that the system’s exceptional operational performance is not compromised. This is the optimum solution for efficient chemical disinfection of drinking water installations.

Highly effective

The system produces on demand a consistently fresh sodium hypochlorite solution to ensure high antimicrobial efficacy against pathogens such as legionella and pseudomonas in drinking water.

Easy to use and low risk

This system is easy to install and use as part of any set-up. The handling of hazardous substances is minimized and thus careful for people and the environment.

Minimal unwanted byproducts

Hycleen Des is designed to minimize the formation of unwanted byproducts, making it ideal for use in drinking water installations.

Lowest corrosion potential

Whether installed as part of a hot or cold water system, proper usage safeguards the lifecycle of GF Piping Systems products, as confirmed by independent testing bodies.

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