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Specialized insight: Performance assured, for your peace of mind

Integrity of a piping system is essential for owner/operators of water, gas and chemical process plants. GF Piping Systems specialists can checkup welds on the field or inspect samples in our state of the art accredited materials testing laboratory offering a 'Fit for Service' certification via microscopic analysis, visual inspections and practical testing. This attention to detail enables informed decisions throughout a project's operation. Performance assured, for your peace of mind.

When integrity of the piping is essential

We ensure constant operation for water, gas and chemical applications.

Resolve threats to your assets

Receive the necessary information to make informed decisions during the design, operation and maintenance of your installation.

Peace of mind

Samples are inspected in our state-of-the-art testing laboratory.

A proven supplier and a name you can trust

We are plastic piping application specialists with 60+ years of experience.

We help you prevent damage before it occurs. GF Piping Systems provides different ways of assessing whether a piping system is going to be working properly in the future.

We offer two systems that deliver steadfast data about the status of your system, based on science, giving you peace of mind for your operation at all times. Ultrasonic NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) provides testing options at the point of installation, while Pipe Condition Assessment can be employed during operation to acquire real data about the state of piping systems.

Ultrasonic NDT

 When installing a system, the most critical parts are going to be the weldings – often seen as the weakest point of a system and highly critical to a safe and reliable operation. With Ultrasonic NDT, you can proceed with assurance thanks to scientific proof that the welds are secure.

Pipe Condition Assessment

If a system has been running for several years, the wear on its materials needs to be checked in order to ensure operation can continue. Pipe Condition Assessment helps you plan your maintenance and know if everything is going according to schedule. Thanks to innovative testing and analysis methods, we are able to perform a condition assessment to estimate the remaining lifetime.

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Reference Case: FARYS Water Utility, Gent, Belgium

When installing distributions pipelines with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) trenchless technique, high pulling forces apply and can jeopardize the weld's performance: FARYS, a Belgian water utility company in Flanders, finds in Ultrasonic NDT a perfect solution for this challenging installation. 

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Reference Case: Pipe Condition Assessment in Lahti, Finland

When Lahti Aqua, a Finish municipal provider of water services (drinking and wastewater), was looking for a deeper understanding of the estimated lifetime left for their piping installations, they engaged in a partnership with GF Piping Systems for developing a comprehensive report. Pipe Condition Assessment helped them avoid the replacement of around 20 km of piping a year.  

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