ZLD for aluminum coiling company in Greece

In aluminum anodizing or painting lines the removal of fluorides and sulfates is the key for successful direct reuse of waste water.

Factories for the surface treatment of metals are traditionally one of the main industrial water consumers producing heavily polluted waste streams. With rising fresh water tariffs and higher restrictions regarding waste water disposal advanced waste water and reuse treatments are increasingly important for the factories to be competitive on globalized markets.

Project Background:

In 2013 C.I.E. s.r.l. an Italian water and waste water treatment specialist for metal finishing industries has executed its innovative PURAL process technology combined with and following ZLD system in order to treat the waste water from the coil lines of a Greek aluminum company. The plants has the capacity to treat approximately 750 m³/d waste water which can be reused directly at the factory’s production. The advantage of the PURAL process is that both sulfates and fluorides are removed in a combined chemical-physical step down to concentrations which allow the further use of state of the art membrane systems for the generation of high quality process water. The concentrates from the membrane units are treated with an evaporation crystallization system.

Chosen technical solution:

The GF Piping Systems PVC-U system combines excellent chemical resistance properties against a wide range of chemicals with long term mechanical durability. Both are features on which C.I.E. s.r.l. relies on in their heavy duty treatment plants. Both additives in the aluminum coil production lines and chemicals for the different steps of the water treatment may change but the performance of the installed piping systems has to stay the same. In order to meet these customers’ requirements GF provides and continuously develops piping and jointing technologies for its complete PVC-U product range.

System- and product selection:

  • PVC-U standard and fittings d20-d75
  • PVC-U ball valves type 546 manually operated
  • PVC-U  diaphragm valves type 514 manually operated
  • PVC-U diaphragm valves type DIASTAR pneumatically operated
  • PVC-U check valves 303
  • Flowmeters type 335
  • Signet Flowmeters, pH and conductivity sensors and 9900 transmitters


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