Water Treatment: Industrial Process Water

1 300 m³ / d pure water system for European life sciences production. US industrial water purification specialist MECO Inc. (Mandeville, Louisiana) designed, manufactured and pretested a biotech process water plant based on their patented Master Pure Process Technology. Whereas GF Piping Systems' high quality scheduled PVC-U products serve the required pretreatment steps.

MECO Inc. (www.MECO.com) was awarded the complete customized solution for a pharmaceutical process water plant including softening, ultrafiltration, carbon filtration and their patented GII Centurbo Vapor compression system for the generation of high quality FDA compliant pure water. The five vapour compression units are able to deliver each 3 000 gph pure water.

Project Background

Life science companies have highest requirements on product quality and process safety. Compliance with international standards as e.g. WFI (Water for Injection) standard is a must. Plant suppliers therefore on the one hand have to deliver high quality equipment and on the other hand to follow the stringent regulations concerning manufacturing, FAT (factory acceptance tests), SAT (site acceptance tests) and documentation. Our plastic products for pharmaceutical process water pretreatment help our customers to meet these high requirements whilst simplifying their internal proceedings as much as possible.

Main benefits for the customer

  • Availability of scheduled PVC-U products via local distributor Corr Tech Inc.
  • Long term customer relationship for similar projects
  • Proven quality standards
  • One stop shop for all required items of a complete PVC-U scheduled piping system

System- and product selection:

  • ca. 50 pcs diaphragm valves 20 - 63
  • ca. 100 pcs ball valves 20 - 63
  • ca. 5 pcs pressure reducing valves d32
  • ca. 200m pipes and fittings
  • PVC-U pipes and fittings   


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