Training Program Class Schedule

Fusion Machine Training Programs and Irvine Facility Class Schedules

All Fusion Machine training courses are offered at GF Piping Systems in Irvine, California; local on-site training is available on a limited basis. Each attendee is responsible for transportation, hotel accommodations and meals. Nearest airport is John Wayne/ Orange County airport and is about a 15 minute drive from our facility. All classes have limited seating, on a first come first serve basis. If the minimum required amount of attendees have not registered 30 working days before the class date, the class will be cancelled and the attendees will be rescheduled.

Available Classes:

  • Level I – Introduction to Fusion Training and Badge
  • Level II – IR (Infrared) Fusion Maintenance, WIP Training and Badge
  • Level III – Advanced IR (Infrared) Fusion Maintenance, WIP Training and Badge
  • Level III Refresher – Advanced IR (Infrared) Fusion Maintenance Update, WIP and Badge

George Fischer Automation Training Days Instrumentation and Actuation

We are pleased to announce our George Fischer Training Days Program. We are currently scheduled for three sessions. Day One will focus on GF Signet Flow & Analytical products to include, product offering, system specification, installation requirements and basic troubleshooting.  Day Two will focus on George Fischer’s valve product offering, basic manual valves as well as electrically and pneumatically actuated versions. In addition to presentation, participants will be able to get their hands on actual product to lookup and specify,  assemble, calibrate, and familiarize themselves with George Fischer Automation lines.

Available Dates and Locations:

Agenda and Registration:

For More Information on Training

Fusion Machine Supervisor

Mario Navarro 
Direct Phone: (714) 731-4284
Direct Fax: (714) 731-9056
Mobile: (714) 313-9548

Instrumentation Product Manager

Dave Vollaire
Direct Phone: (714) 368-4162
Mobile: (714) 349-9335