Track & Trace

Asset management tool for your piping system. Simplified workflows for your team, faster job execution with higher installation quality.

Track & Trace

Managing your teams the smart way

Track & Trace is a cloud-based asset manager for piping systems. It registers the precise position of all your components and monitors the installation progress and quality in real time. The Track & Trace service collects the data via the app for iOS and Android, with all the data stored centrally and securely in the cloud. Project owners can access this information conveniently via the web interface.

Using Track & Trace eliminates paperwork, saves time, and reduces costs. You can schedule deliveries and work remotely and receive instant updates, meaning you always have the most current information. Trouble spots are easily located, which ensures reliable operations and the best installation quality. Worksite statistics are available any time, meaning trips to jobsites can be reduced by at least 30%.

Track & Trace enables effective installation management and simplifies your workflows. Interacting with your on-site team is made exponentially easier and more efficient.

Main benefits

  • Reduced paperwork with centralized and simplified data management and centrally stored documentation
  • Time and cost savings due to remote worksite monitoring
  • Improved installation management and quality
  • Real-time interaction with on-site team
  • Convenient app and web interface

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Track & Trace is a powerful service that brings numerous benefits to your business. We invite you to get in touch with the experts at GF Piping Systems near you to experience it for yourself. Schedule an appointment for a first-hand demonstration to learn more about its comprehensive capabilities and how it can simplify your workflows and improve your team efficiency.


How Track & Trace can support you

How Track & Trace can support you

Managing your teams working on piping system installations can be challenging due to the complex tasks and dependencies involved and the physical distance between your office and the worksite. Track & Trace supports you with a wide range of online functionalities and information to streamline your decision-making processes and provide your team with product and process data. All information is compiled in real time and safely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud. You can access it conveniently in your office using Track & Trace web interface, which shows you all data that has been provided by your on-site team using the mobile app. Here are ten applications that can help you and your team to increase efficiency and simplify your workflows.

Manage projects efficiently

Track & Trace makes your project more efficient right from the beginning. Plan your jobsites, assign tasks to your contractors, and follow their progress and certifications. Ongoing documentations and statistics support your subsequent decisions.

Know where your assets are

The GPS feature of Track & Trace increases your asset safety. Your teams always know, right down to the centimeter, where all piping components are – in the x, y, and z dimensions with an acquisition time of just seconds.

Interact in real time

Track & Trace records all worksite events and makes them available for you in real time. Your workers can also share pictures and comments and receive your decisions and directions. Key decisions can be made jointly.

Schedule follow-ups

During the installation you can define maintenance periods and set reminders. The same can be done for the expiration dates of your workers certifications. Track & Trace keeps track of all important follow-up tasks.

Leverage your data

You can leverage the information Track & Trace has collected. Its standardized format is easy to export into any existing geographic information system (GIS) for additional layers of insight into your organization.

Trace all products

Each product can be easily and reliably traced using a variety of possible identifiers and combinations , including, for example, European Article Numbers (EAN), traceability barcodes, article numbers, and customized labelling.

Support your teams

You chose which level of support is necessary for your team. Track & Trace offers you flexible options ranging from basic quality checks to complete tutorials with instructional and reference pictures to ensure the highest installation quality.

Automate welding

Welding machines interact easily with Track & Trace using a smartphone’s Bluetooth functionality: Send welding parameters, receive reports, and store all data. Ask our experts about upgrades for older machines.

Complete your data

Track & Trace automatically collects a wealth of valuable information related to your projects. This includes data about products and tools used and the worksite itself, but also your teams and their performance. You receive a comprehensive overview of all insights.

Be ready for audits

The ongoing documentation of all information means you are always prepared for audits and queries. Data loss is no longer a risk. Track & Trace saves all your data centrally and securely, with professional and reliable back-ups.

Track & Trace