Georg Fischer Introduces New Modular PRV

Sep 5, 2014 9:00 AM

We are pleased to inform you that the new Pressure Regulating Valves Type 582 and Type 586 are now available!

With Type 582 as a reducing valve, and the Type 586 as a retaining valve, we developed a very compact and innovative valve.

Benefits and Features

Easy Installation

  • Compact design enables installation even where space is limited
  • Threaded bonnet eliminates need for body bolts
  • Integrated assembling aid enables direct assembly of the valves to mounting sets
  • Significantly shorter lay length with union connections

Easy Operation

  • No re-torquing needed due to threaded bonnet design
  • Easily adjusted set pressure with non-rising spindle
  • Constant and low vibrating control behavior
  • Tightness resistant to temperature cycling
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjusting set pressure possible during operation
  • No re-torqueing > central union connection
  • Easy maintenance > cartridge design
  • Easy handling > injection molded arrows


  • Pressure gauge options for neutral and aggressive media
  • Connection options available with true union, spigot, or flanged versions
  • Low pressure spring set available (4–44 psi)
  • Spare part flexibility due to modular design: one part might fit more than one valve

Downloads and online tools


All product information is available online at

  • Link to YouTube video
  • Link to Online Sizing Tool
  • Brochure
  • User manual
  • Data sheet
  • Product range

Retirement of V series PRVs

With the introduction of the new 5 series, GF is discontinuing the older V series pressure regulating valves.   The existing stock will be available for order until depleted.  Replacement parts will be available for 10 years.