Next Generation Dual Channel Transmitter Extends Multiple Flow or Analytical Measurement Capabilities

Sep 13, 2018 9:00 AM

Signet 9950The 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter Gen 2b expands its measurement capabilities with support of two new modules for pH/ORP measurement and 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics.

GF Piping Systems has added the next generation Signet 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter (Gen 2b) to its flow and analytical instrumentation product line. The 9950 Gen2b adds extensive new functionality to its already proven capabilities that enable multiple measurement readings in one transmitter. This minimizes the number of transmitters needed, providing cost-savings and greater convenience.

With the setup ease of a transmitter and the versatility of a controller, the 9950 Gen 2b fully supports the Signet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics for pH/ORP measurements.  Used together, they can quickly transfer pH and ORP calibration data to the company’s 9900/2751, 9950/2751, or stand alone 2751 systems. Additionally, the 9950 Gen 2b automatically measures pH glass impedance, detects broken glass, and reads stored data in all Signet DryLoc pH and ORP electrodes.

Signet 9950 with ModulesThe new 9950 Gen 2b Dual Channel Transmitter supports the new Single Channel Direct Conductivy Module and the Dual 4 to 20 mA Current Loop Output Module for greater flexibility in pH/ORP measurements.

“The 9950 Gen 2b offers more solutions than ever for applications requiring several flow or analytical (both primary and secondary where available) measurements and a local display,” says Dave Vollaire, Instrumentation Product Manager for GF Piping Systems. “Existing customers can simply download the new software to upgrade their original 9950 with the new Gen2b features, while new customers can start taking advantage of all the cost-savings and measurement advantages that this versatile instrument provides with the complete new 9950 Gen2b unit.” 

Other key features of the 9950 Gen 2b include support of two new plug-in modules – the Single Channel Direct Conductivity Module (3-9950.394-1) and the Dual 4 to 20 mA Current Loop Output Module (3-9950.398-2).

  • The 394-1 module is fully compatible with all Signet conductivity electrodes and can be used for conductivity/resistivity, and salinity measurements.  Plus, two single channel direct conductivity modules can be installed in a single 9950 transmitter.
  • The second module, the 398-2, expands the number of passive current loop outputs previously available from 2 to 6 for greater measurement flexibility.  Each current loop output can be set to the primary or secondary measurement of either channel, or to any of the derived functions.


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