Lockable Flow Meter System and Sneak Peek of Full-Bore Magnetic Flow Meter to be Featured at World AG Expo 2019

Feb 12, 2019 9:00 AM
AG PRThe Signet 3150 AgRotor System from GF Piping Systems features easy installation and secure readings for wide range of irrigation applications.

The Signet 3150 AgRotor System is an easy to install flow meter solution for accurate irrigation measurement and logging.  With its sealed, password protected, lockable cover and non-erasable totalizer, it provides a secure, tamper-proof system for monitoring by local water authorities.

The lightweight, single meter design can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical piping system having center irrigation pivots in sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches. Other choices include battery operation for remote capabilities or input via DC Power. The device also incorporates a pulse output for telemetry (pivot panel, SCADA devices, and chemical injections). Durable ceramic bearing construction provides reliable performance even in gritty water – with ±0.5% repeatability of max range and ±2% accuracy of reading (under reference conditions).  With only one moving part, there is no mechanical bushing or bearing to wear, resulting in long service live.

The AgRotor System is perfectly suited for agriculture, nursery/greenhouses, fertilization/chemical injection, golf courses, and turf irrigation applications. GF Piping Systems also offers other components for complete irrigation systems including valves, actuators, pipe, and monitors.

Show Preview of Signet 2580 FlowtraMag™

GF Piping System will also preview the soon-to-be launched Signet 2580 FlowtraMag™ Meter.  This full-bore magnetic flow meter is being designed specifically for accurate flow measurement in short pipe runs. Thermoplastic construction offers superior corrosion resistance and lighter than comparable metal models. Smart engineering will include capabilities for broad communications across multiple platforms.  including Apps for Android and iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity, as well as S3L/Frequency, Smart Phone/Tablet (BLE), PC (S3L via the 0252 Configuration Tool), DCS, PLC and Modbus. 

For more information, view data sheet, or contact GF Piping Systems, www.gfps.com, (800) 854-4090.

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