Ivy League University Uses ecoFIT Industrial PE for Air Conditioning System

Aug 18, 2014 9:00 AM

A prestigious university in the Northeast recently installed GF’s ecoFIT polyethylene piping system as part of their HVAC system. Chilled water circulates through the system, cooling the air for the air-conditioning system. The water typically is about 55oF. The ecoFIT PE pipe installation replaced the previously installed steel pipe, which had corroded and begun to leak. Multiple buildings are serviced by the cooling tower containing the ecoFIT; the tower is located approximately 200 feet away from them. Buried pipe delivers the cold water from the cooling tower to each building.


The contractor was new to ecoFIT PE and was very happy with how the installation went. They really liked the ease of installation with the electro-fusion fittings and the light weight pipe compared to steel. These advantages were especially beneficial because hundreds of feet were buried, requiring many hours of work in trenches. The previous underground steel piping system had a jacket both to protect the pipe from the environment and to help insulate for thermo-efficiency. The ecoFIT PE did not require a jacket for the underground installation because it will not corrode and because the pipe material naturally has very good themo-insulating properties. Not having to add the protective jacket saved a significant amount of labor. Since the installation in June went so well, they decided to begin phase two, replacing the pipe running to a second building. This installation will occur later this year.