GF Piping Features New Piping System for Hot and Cold Potable Water Transport at ASPE 2018

Oct 8, 2018 9:00 AM
ChlorFIT group PRChlorFIT® Schedule 80 Piping from GF Piping Systems provides clean, safe potable water for hospitals, offices, hotels and other commercial and institutional buildings. ChlorFIT reduces biofilm build-up and corrosion problems typical in copper and stainless steel piping systems.

GF Piping Systems introduces the new ChlorFIT® Schedule 80 CORZAN® CPVC Piping System at ASPE 2018, Booth #1444, Sept. 28 – Oct. 3,  2018, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  ChlorFIT provides an improved solution for the conveyance of hot and cold potable water in a wide range of commercial and institutional structures including hospitals, schools/universities, hotels, offices, prisons, high rise mixed use buildings and factories.

ChlorFIT pipe and fittings are extruded/molded from premium grade Chlorinate Polyvinyl Chloride Corzan® compound and certified by NSF international for use with hot and cold potable water.  The system’s chlorine treated compound creates a material that is highly resistant to heat, acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials. Unlike copper, ChlorFIT resists harmful bacteria and greatly reduces biofilm build-up to provide clean, safe drinking water, in the fight against Ecoli, Legoniella and other diseases.

The Corzan® CPVC compound also has superior fire resistant qualities and holds the ICC-ES PMG E84 25/50 plenum fire rating.  Using high quality raw materials and industrial grade manufacturing, ChlorFIT features a thicker wall than thin walled plastic piping, such as CTS SDR 11, making it more durable with higher pressure ratings. Because ChlorFIT is a lightweight material, handling is easy and requires minimal mechanical equipment at the jobsite, reducing installation related costs.

Today, different thermoplastic piping systems can be specified for the transportation of drinking water inside buildings. These are not all alike; over time some perform poorly with the disinfectants used to keep water safe. ChlorFIT resists long term degradation from commonly used disinfectants. And, unlike other thermoplastic materials, ChlorFIT can operate 100% of the time at 160°F.

ʺChlorFIT outperforms copper piping in both long term purity and cost, says Ralph Abdelhak, Product Manager of GF Piping Systems. “With today’s varying water quality, pinhole leaks in copper are very common even after only a few years – with ChlorFIT, users can be assured of corrosion-free operation for decades. ʺ

Available in sizes 1/2” to 6”, pipe joining is accomplished using solvent welding, threaded joints  and full pressure flanges, making for cost effective installation.

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