Thermoplastic Pipe Becomes Box-Office Winner for Movie Theater’s Soda Fountain Machine Waste Drainage System

Sep 11, 2013 9:00 AM
Beverage vending machine

Movie theaters along with restaurants, fast food chains and convenience stores, use soda fountain machines to dispense carbonated soft drinks.  These machines are usually important to generating revenue, so it is a priority to keep them running smoothly.

Soda dispensing machines combine flavored syrup or syrup concentrate and carbon dioxide with chilled and purified water to make soft drinks.  Soda’s carbonation and low acidic pH levels (2.0-3.0) easily cause corrosion build-up in the steel pipes typically used for waste drainage of these dispensing machines.  This corrosion eats through the steel pipe causing leaks and at some point requiring pipe replacement – both costly and inconvenient for the fountain machine owner.   The amount the dispenser is used,  type of liquid, oxidation, temperature etc… all go into determining the speed at which corrosion will attack the steel pipe, so it is difficult to determine how long a given drainage system will last.


To prevent these corrosion problems, one movie theater owner installed the Fuseal Polypropylene corrosive waste piping system manufactured by GF Piping Systems to replace the existing carbon steel lines used for the soda machines’ waste drainage.  Fuseal has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and will not rust, pit, scale or corrode.  In addition to its excellent material properties for preventing corrosion, installation of the pipe and fittings was simple using Electrofusion Machines, also provided by GF Piping Systems.  The cinema installed approximately 300 feet of flame retardant 4” Fuseal piping and fittings all above-ground.

According to Terence Zhao, Product Manager of Engineered Piping Systems for GF Piping Systems, “the Fuseal system was specifically developed to handle corrosive waste and high temperatures in applications where traditional metal piping lacks the benefits of plastic piping.  This system has been highly successful in food processing, institutional and pharmaceutical laboratories – we are now seeing its benefits applied to the beverage industry.  Fuseal’s sister product, Fuseal 25/50 is a similar product that can be used when UL fire plenum rating is required."

When it comes time to retrofit an existing piping system or build a brand new one in the beverage industry, more and more owners are considering Fuseal piping for their waste drainage systems.

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